Are you interested in protecting the data in your Python app? Good news!

Dowload my library and use it with SQLAlchemy or Django today. It is open source and free to use in your commercial product under MIT license. However, be warned! It's ridiculously easy to implement but unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't even think about using it with your production data. The cryptography can be dangerous.

Try the library

To use with SQLAlchemy:

    from cryptbase import EncryptedText
    sensitive = Column(EncryptedText(key=DB_KEY))

To use with django:

    from cryptbase import EncryptedTextField
    sensitive = EncryptedTextField(key=DB_KEY)

DB_KEY is 32 bytes encryption key as hex-encoded string. Fields behave as TEXT fields, data are transparently encrypted when storing into the database and decrypted on retrieval.

Let me help you

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Warning: our industry is about fast innovation. With the shift towards data protection, once the idea is out there – with the cases and code available – I expect this approach to get popular fast.