Lessons learned

Detecting duplicit files

Nov 09, 2021, 1 minute read

In this quick note, imagine you have a bunch of files, and you want to see which ones are identical.

Protect customer data in your cloud app

Oct 30, 2021, nine minutes read

Find out how to store sensitive data in your database so that even if it leaks, there is no harm to you nor your users. For Python lovers, you’ll find a drop-in replacement for TextFields in your favourite ORM you can start using today.

Dynamic DNS for home routers the hacker way

Oct 28, 2021, seven minutes read

Don’t rely on public DDNS services when you can achieve the same with a swiss-army knife in form of Python. In this writeup you will find how to modify DNS record, how to upload a zone file over ssh and how to expose it as a simple web service. All that using Python.

Keep the configuration out of the code

Oct 27, 2021, three minutes read

Sometimes, it’s not a complex design pattern but a small idea you borrow from a different language that will get the job done.