Alex Mansurov

Alex Mansurov

Freelance software engineer crafting software enhancing privacy of individuals or facilitating access to public sector data.

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SecureSafe desktop client

C++/Qt client for SecureSafe cloud storage.

Duration: 4 years, ongoing
LinkedPipes Applications

A linked data visualisation platform for lay users.

Duration: 1 year

Engine for indexing linked data and relationships between datasets.

Duration: 3 years, ongoing

Extensible web crawler with web interface.

Duration: 4 years maintenance

Web scrapping data pump, collecting and transforming data for the user.

Duration: 1 month

Micro web app document generator. Contains encryption of mongo db data.

Duration: 1 week

Python library for encrypted text field in SQLAlchemy and Django ORM.

Duration: 3 years, ongoing
Report tools

Django web app for billing, reporting, fetching data from time trackers etc.

Duration: 1 month
LinkedPipes DCAT-AP Forms

Vue web application for filling DCAT-AP compatible metadata.

Duration: 1 year